straight from the heart

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

We offer

Personalized Classes 
We specialize in one-on-one personalized & group classes. Working on correct posture, perfect rhythm & scintillating expressions we provide the best experience of "Belly dance" (raqs sharqi & tribal) along with Kathak/Yoga/Bollywood/Folk dance on crazy beats of World music & Live music on Darbuka..

Presenting to you- "soul-tatkaar"

Crazy Choreographies & Fun-Filled Fusion
perform "soul-tatkaar"
Belly dancing on sufi music and Rajasthani folk on darbuka piece. Exuberayting shimmies on classical tabla and killer kathak expressions on tango music..unbelievable combinations, amazing experience, extraordinary innovation on the dance floor.. 

Workshops in your city
Every month we take 9 hours certified workshop spread over a week in different cities like Pune, Indore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Nagpur, Baroda and more..

Performances & Celebrations at its best 
A wonderful opportunity and platform for students to showcase learning & talent. A moment to take a break and celebrate the soulful bonding of being a woman through dance with crazy amount of fun. A moment where our gorgeous "adakaras" invites their family & friends to their mystical world of sheer feminism :)

Dedicated workshops for Corporates & Academic Institutions (for Men & Women)

Our specially designed Dance workshops is wonderful tool for physical fitness, emotional-well being & spiritual renewal. A stress buster, perfect meditation & lots n lots of Fun for everyone. We have worked for employees of Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra as well as Institutes like "The yoga Institute", IIM's and symbiosis college students..
Comprehensive Belly Dance Certification Course
An Intensive 6 months of Belly dance + Yoga certification course. Understanding of Indian Classical dance form Kathak as part of the program. Exclusive training to become a professional dance performer & trainer.. 

Grooming & Confidence Building Course
For Boys & Gals both, our exclusive crash course to express, librate and converse in the most impressive & soulful way..

Straight from the heart...
(Air-hostess with Jet airways, dancing association with Ada Kyra since 3 years)
Its like meeting a new YOU.. that's wat dance has come to make me feel. Happy, content, even child-like sometimes :) Ada Kyra is a dance tribe i have come to call my very own.. although my teacher, friend, inspiration and the only reason I have come this far (with a lot of learning) is... ada. She has been a constant pillar all along, a beautiful & lovely person as well.
I would want to learn dance as far as ever & would love for everyone, who wants to be a part of something they truly love & Passionate about, to just go for it!!
Follow what you love & no one.. not even YOU.. will be able to shake your resilience & determination that will accompany you through & through. All the way long... :) ENJOY!

(certified trainer& dancing associate with Ada Kyra since 2 years)
The best teacher and an inspiration to be around. Ada makes dance fun n easy. She's not only helped in becoming a good dancer but also worked on my posture which helped me gain confidence in my day to day life. She is an amazing person very supportive! 

(An IT professional, senior performer & crazy dancing association with Ada Kyra since 2 years)
I didnt know my belly could travel miles like a Nomad till I learnt the discipline behind this madness. Love the art and Ada's willingness to bring out the best in you :) cheers!

It's true like music is nectar to ears so is dance to the soul, Belly dancing introduced me to the inner side of me, the real me it teaches patience, rhythm, grace, attitude, perseverance, beauty and above all self realization with the true skills laid down within. understand all this due to the apt mentorship which you provided . Its the  personalised attention and skilled teaching of yours provided selflessly for hours that could help me not only to  learn basic to the most difficult moves and techniques of the dance form but master them also. Today belly dancing is an essential part of my life and i still follow the teachings provided by you .. Thanks Ada .. for teaching such a beautiful art form.